Where did I come from?

We are glad you were interested to know more about the origin of your product!

Here you will learn the long path that your Brazil nut has traveled until it reached your home, getting to know more about the territory and the communities responsible for collecting your nut.

That way, you’ll better understand how you’re helping to keep the Amazon standing!


GHF Brazil Nut came from the Amazon Forest in Brazil, more specifically from the Rural Settlement of Maracá in the town of Mazagão, part of a group of settlements and conservation units in the state of Amapá and home to family farmers and riverine communities.

We understand that the best way to protect our forests is to take care of those who live in them. For this reason, GHF values the traditional culture and social aspects of indigenous peoples, quilombola and riverine communities and family farmers, responsible for the sustainable extractivism of our products.

Thus, we are proud to say that we recognize and encourage the secular wisdom of these peoples, fostering fair trade and remunerating them with dignity.

The harvest of the Brazil nut in this territory has been taking place since the 19th century, with black, indigenous and mixed communities performing several important economic activities. For this reason, the extractivist communities that live in the Rural Settlement of Maracá have a cultural and ancestral background rich in diversity of knowledge and experiences. To this day, these peoples live in (and take care of) the forest through the practice of sustainable extractivism, with Brazil nuts being one of the main sources of income for these communities.

Maracá Settlement - AP

Ferry at Santana Harbor

Belém City - PA

Ground Transportation

Sinop City - MT

Distribution to the world

The term “extractivism” refers to any activity in which the withdrawal of resources from the environment occurs. To be sustainable, the activity must protect the resources of nature and prevent the ecosystem from being compromised. By consuming GHF nuts, you value sustainable extractivism and, consequently, help us keep the forest standing.

GHF proves the practice of sustainable extractivism of Brazil nuts through organic certification, ensuring a practice that, in addition to benefiting the environment and protecting natural resources, preserves and respects the socioeconomic and cultural characteristics of traditional communities.

After leaving the communities, your Brazil nuts traveled by truck to Porto Santana, then by ferry to Belém and, from there, by land transport to Sinop, in our processing and distribution unit. There, your Brazil nut was processed and selected through careful processes, with high technology, so that it would reach you with incomparable quality, full of flavor, health and sustainability.

The entire route was traced by a 100% reliable and safe control system, so we guarantee total traceability of all processes in our value chain, from the forest to your home.

Encouraging the certification of these areas is also providing employment, income, and improvement to the quality of life of these people. This makes the illegal exploitation of resources in these territories difficult, helping to keep the forest and its chestnut trees standing.

And by consuming GHF nuts, you value a more sustainable extraction and, consequently, help us to conserve the Amazon rainforest.

Congratulations on consuming consciously and valuing the Amazon Forest!

Meet some of the responsible extractors

for collecting your Brazil nuts

Valdinei Ferreira Aragão

Valdir Rosa Vieira

Melk Wallace Carmo dos Santos

Tiago de Oliviera Rodrigues

Nelcy Filho Aragão de Souza

Sinval Carvalho da Conceição

José Alves da Silva

Calebe Soares Caetano

Aldemir Aragão de Sousa

Emerson da Silva de Sousa

José Nilson da Silva Silva

Rodielson Ferreira de Aragão

Juraci dos Santos Costa

Pedro dos Santos Lima

Eric Trindade da Silva

Iaci Aragão de Sousa

Diones Dias de Morais

Evaristo Bordete de Morais

Manoel da Silva

Cleo Ramos Santa Rosa

Maria Lindaci Cunha Barbosa Soares

Amiraldo Correa Brandão

Adinésia Santa Rosa Costa

Dinelson Santa Rosa Costa

Francisco dos Santos Vieira

João Santa Rosa da Silva

Sebastião de Jesus Gomes de Moraes

Manoel Santa Rosa Costa

Lucely Aragão de Sousa

Junior Lima de Moraes

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