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Cadeia de valor
Transparency and Traceability in all value Chain

from the forest to consumer

Floresta em pe
keep Amazon Forest preserved

• Benefits for the local ecosystem;
• Protect natural resources;
• Respect the socioeconomic and cultural characteristics of traditional communities;
• Preserve the rights of the people involved along the value chain;
• Free from genetically modified organisms or synthetic chemicals;

• World’s largest natural source of selenium;
• Rich in Vitamin E, glutathione, squalene, omega-9, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc;
• Reduces LDL (“bad cholesterol”), increases HDL (“good cholesterol”), favoring cardiovascular health;
• Protects neurons from negative actions of free radicals, contributing to the prevention of degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s;
• Contributes to healthy aging;
• Boosts immunity and prevents cancer, depression, obesity and type 2 diabetes;
• Assist in fixing calcium in bones, preventing osteoporosis;

Guarantee of a fresh, crunchy and highly nutritious brazil nut through:

• Good management practices in the forest;
• Excellence in product processing;
• High standard of industrial quality;




Cause when you choose GHF, you help preserve the Amazon Forest and encourage us giving value to sustainable extractivism , culture and labor of traditional local communities;

GHF seeks not only commercialize Brazil Nuts but to give light to its rich story and potentials;


Standing Native Forest


Fair Trade

Bioeconomy Appreciation

Organic Certified

Healthy and Tasty

Total Traceability

Compliance and Transparency


Sustainable Practices that guarantee healthy food

We are a company that seeks to generate a positive socio-environmental impact that proposes to work in a different way, sharing value with society.GHF was born with the purpose of bringing real food from the Amazon to the world, combining health and sustainability. Health because our products are natural and with high nutritional value. Sustainability because we value those who live and care for our forests and all of their biodiversity.


We work with the commercialization of Brazil nuts based on transparency and fair trade. Thus, the standing forest generates income and, consequently, is valued and conserved. And the excellence in quality of our processes guarantee an extremely nutritious Brazil nut, with exceptional flavor and crispness.

The Industry

In order to fulfill our commitment to supply fresh, crunchy and highly nutritious Brazil nuts all year round, GHF has a high standard of industrial quality that guarantees excellence in the processing of nuts.

When your order is placed, nuts go through a careful process that begins with a wash, followed by drying and autoclaving, which increases the amount of whole nuts in the shell breaking process. We followed a mix of electronic and manual selection of almonds, which then go on to sterilization by pasteurization, eliminating any risk of contamination.

Hence, chestnuts are automatically classified by size and types and then undergo strict final quality control. The almonds are then packaged to reach you with incredible flavor, crispness and quality.

What makes us different

Choosing GHF you collaborate to improve:

Give Value to a special origin and tradition


Through fair trade, we value sustainable extraction and the history and tradition of those who live in and of the forest:

Development territories and communities


Through structuring investment, GHF contributes to the development of territories and to a sustainable extraction with security:

Keep the Standing Forest Upright preserved!


Through the total traceability of all processes in our value chain, from extraction to the final consumer:


Alqueriane Mendes dos Anjos (Deca) – Comunidade Paraná do Abuí, Território Alto Trombetas I

"GHF helped us a lot through the means of resources it brough. It helped a lot with the internet because we live in a very difficult place to find access to it, many people here have relatives outside the communit and they say 'oh I need to talk to my son and daughter, I need to use the internet'.

Today GHF is a partner for us. We are happy with them, they are helping us, giving this support. I hope the people from GHF never leave us (...) GHF is a partner, it is a friend, it is a mother, it is everythingm but especially the people who help us, they are our friends."

Augusto Duarte Cordeiro

Augusto Duarte Cordeiro (Cureba) – Comunidade Moura, Território Alto Trombetas II

"GHF has been working in a way that the price we agreed was kept, they don't go down until the end, so we work calmly without worry (...). GHF helped me organize this new shed to store the nuts and I thought it was a good for me.

Sometimes I had nowhere to put the nuts. One day, I left about 60 bags of chestnuts in front of the old shed. It was a Sunday, then I went to church and when I came back there were 3 bags missing. Not anymore, we store everything in that shed, we close it and the nuts are protected."

Maria Neusa Oliveira Cordeiro

Maria Neusa Oliveira Cordeiro – Comunidade Moura, Alto Trombetas II

"I think we can trust in GHF. In the first year that we worked, they trusted in us and complied with the price agreement on the Brazil nuts."

"A GHF is a partner, it is a friend, it is a mother..."

"The price we agreed was kept, they don't go down until the end, so we work calmly without worry"


GHF superfoods are collected by indigenous peoples and traditional quilombola and riverside communities, which for hundreds of years have lived in balance with the forest through the practice of sustainable extraction. The collection of Brazil nuts is a traditional activity directly linked to the culture of these communities and, very often, it´s their main source of income.

Our partnership for supply of raw materials is the way we find to support and finance the local bioeconomy.

In this way, GHF seeks to not only commercialize Brazil nuts, but also to give value the whole story behind it, specially the people who make all of this happen: the chestnut collectors and collectors.

By consuming GHF nuts, you give value to sustainable extraction and, consequently, help us to keep the forest upright.

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